Our Story Is About Epilepsy

Watch John tell his powerful story.

At 18-months-old, Colton started having seizures. What began as a mere eye flutter, eventually escalated into 5-hour long episodes and a medically induced coma.

Facing the real possibility of losing our son, I was full of doubt and fear. I questioned what our future would bring and how I would summon the strength to face every day. Eventually, we told Colton it was ok to leave us.

It was in that moment, at our lowest point, there was a quiet knock on the door – that’s when CCA walked into the room. A young man in a purple shirt with a ukulele asked if he could play for Colton as he lay in his coma. Ever so softly the young man strummed and sang. It was a simple song and a simple action, but it gave us hope. Hope, when we had none.

“CCA is about more than pediatric cancer care services. Their programs reach kids of all ages and diagnoses.
This is my son, Colton. He is my hero.” -John Grothe

Over a few weeks, Colton slowly re-emerged and it was CCA’s MyMusicRx program he engaged with first. A music specialist visited Colton daily and before long, Colton was chirping to his favorite songs. The evident joy within him and the hope within us had been restored thanks to CCA.

Please join my family in supporting CCA today.

John Grothe, Parent
Head Golf Professional
Willamette Valley Country Club