September CCA Hero – Cyrus

CCA Hero September Cyrus

Meet Cyrus AKA Squishy

Even though he’s only 10 months old, Cyrus – or “Squishy” as his mom and dad like to call him – is already melting hearts with his giant smile and goofy personality. He’s especially fond of crackers, pickles, the color red, and banging blocks together. Cyrus is not so crazy about diaper changes or having to get chemotherapy for his leukemia, which he was diagnosed with soon after he was born.

September Hero Cyrus

Learning to Play Along

Cyrus’ treatments required month-long hospital stays, with only a week off in between. It was a grueling schedule, but one that was made a little easier with visits from his friends on the MyMusicRx team.

“That was his favorite!” said his mom, Toniann. “At first, he would just stare or chase after them, but soon he was wanting to play along.” Cyrus particularly enjoyed bedside lullabies and impromptu jam sessions with his dad Chad, who plays guitar as well.

Zero Self-Pity

With his cancer in remission, Cyrus is now back to being a typical baby boy, learning how to walk, dancing in his Jolly Jumper, and charming everyone he meets. Even at his young age, his parents say that their son has already taught them a valuable lesson about the power of positivity.

“Cyrus has zero self-pity or judgment,” said Chad. “Even if the doctors came in and did something that was painful, he would just smile at them.” Toniann agreed. “He brings so much joy to other people—especially to us.”

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