Support JoyRx with OnPoint Community Credit Union

JoyRx, the mission delivery of Children’s Cancer Association, knows it takes more than medicine to treat cancer and other serious illnesses. When a child is facing life’s most challenging moments, they also need emotional healing. JoyRx programs — JoyRx Music, JoyRx Mentorship, JoyRx Nature — light up each child’s life with music, friendship, and rejuvenating trips into the outdoors.

Simply put: Joy makes sick kids feel better. For 27 years, volunteers and donors have helped bring Joy to children and their families. In 2022, OnPoint is proud to support JoyRx with our Refer a Friend campaign to promote awareness and raise funds.

Through October 31st, all OnPoint members can raise awareness and financial support for JoyRx by referring friends and family to our local community credit union. With each qualifying membership*, new and current members will each receive $50 and we’ll donate $50 to JoyRx. The donations will support JoyRx to help kids find their Joy while battling severe illnesses.

Help children experience Joy through October and beyond. ­

Every donation through the OnPoint Refer a Friend campaign goes towards supporting children’s emotional healing during the biggest challenge of their lives with JoyRx programs. JoyRx provides each program at no cost to families.

Thanks to their dedication to excellent resource management, every dollar helps create feel-good moments for sick children enrolled in their music, mentorship, and nature programs.

“Kids are the future of our communities, and we’re committed to contributing to their well-being in any way we can,” said Rob Stuart, President and Chief Executive Officer, OnPoint. “We are proud to help JoyRx advance its mission of uplifting and celebrating kids facing serious illness. We invite our members and the community to join us in spreading joy in our community by supporting JoyRx.”

OnPoint understands how these programs play a vital role in helping children navigate challenges while finding their Joy — all while promoting emotional healing for kids and their families.

OnPoint is dedicated to the community.

At OnPoint, we have a history of supporting our community’s health, happiness, and overall well-being. In 2021, we:

  • Donated over $2 million to local charitable causes and organizations­ — with over $700,000 going toward diversity, equity, and inclusion causes, and over $300,000 donated to support sustainability
  • Allocated nearly 16,000 paid volunteer hours to our employees
  • Supported over 300 organizations

Additionally, in 2022 we expect to surpass our more than $2.2 million donated to charitable causes and organizations. Thank you for supporting JoyRx through our Refer a Friend campaign; learn more about OnPoint’s strong commitment to creating a positive impact on our community.

Join in on the Joy for February!