A Spark of Hope: Teen PMHE Survivor Gives Back to Other Kids

As a PMHE survivor, fifteen-year-old Aaron knows the transformative power of music during difficult moments. That’s why he’s dedicated to giving back to kids like him through the gift of song.

Aaron describes himself as a music lover and has been involved in activities like choir his entire life. “I use music a lot to help myself,” he shared. “And it means a lot to me to know I have something I’m good at.”

And because he’s good at it, he’s made it his mission to share his talent with others. Aaron volunteered with JoyRx to record music for pediatric patients, and his versions of songs are available on our JoyRx Kids YouTube channel.

“It’s a good way to give others joy,” Aaron said.

After being diagnosed with a rare type of tumor in middle school, Aaron became familiar with how long days in the hospital can drag down the spirit. That’s why he takes such pride in the music he plays for kids.

“Going to the hospital and seeing all those kids suffering more than me kind of hurt a lot,” he said. “It made me sad knowing that people younger than me were going through that difficult stuff. But it inspires me to help others and make music and make some songs that will help them out, too.”

You can watch his powerful interview and sample his performance here:

More videos here: JoyRx Kids

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