April CCA Hero – Chrystalyn


11-year-old Chrystalyn is a polite and poised young lady who loves a good DIY project. She’s constantly whipping up her very own custom-scented soaps and perfumes, and even has a secret formula for colorful slime. “I like experimenting—it’s fun to make new stuff,” she smiled.

Chrystalyn has a blood disorder called hemoglobin E beta thalassemia, which requires constant monitoring and frequent transfusions. But she’s got a great friend in her corner to help her through the tough times—her Chemo Pal, Katie. “She’s really great to play with,” said Chrystalyn. “We paint our nails and play games.”

Chrystalyn and Katie

When Chrystalyn isn’t hanging out with Katie, she enjoys playing with her pet hamster, Vanilla Sweet Ice. Apparently the two have quite a few things in common: “He likes strawberries, just like me,” she laughed. In fact, Chrystalyn adores all kinds of animals and hopes to be a veterinarian one day.

According to her mom, Sandra, Chrystalyn is a hero because she always looks on the bright side. “She has a strength that I could never have,” said Sandra. “No matter how she’s feeling or what she’s going through, she never complains.”

When asked to describe his big sister, 8-year old Davion summed it up even more succinctly: “Awesomeness!”

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