Chicken Wings & Milk: The Joy of Personalized Songs

When Jaimi first reached out to JoyRx, her request was simple: a song for her four-year-old son, James. Located in Alaska, James wasn’t receiving his treatment at a JoyRx-served healthcare partner facility, but Jaimi heard about JoyRx though an online support group and hoped for a connection through our Digital Live offering.

JoyRx Music Specialist Dylan was eager to connect and help make James’ treatment journey a little brighter. When he asked what songs James liked best, Jaimi shared that he was a big fan of viral songs on YouTube, such as “Chicken Wing” and “Milk Song.”

Not knowing the songs hardly stopped Dylan: he quickly learned both and created a medley arrangement of both songs to present to James — a custom-made song just for him.

JoyRx Music sent the song to James, along with a personalized dedication, and the entire family gathered around in their hotel room to watch the video. Jaimi filmed James’s reaction in real time as he watched the video for the first time — and the result is nothing short of adorable.

“We loved seeing James’s face light up as he danced and sang along,” said Jaimi. “Our whole family of eight was in the room watching together, and all five of James’s siblings participated in the singing and dancing — it was a bright spot in a hard time.”

There were certainly a lot of smiles, laughter, and some epic dance moves!

“It’s great to have something all of my kids can participate in to bring a little Joy to a difficult situation,” said Jaimi.

Check out Dylan’s custom song alongside James’s real-time reaction:

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