Dear Cancer

There’s no easy way to say this…

…it’s just not working out.

At the Children’s Cancer Association, we’re breaking up with cancer and delivering transformative moments of joy to kids and families when they need it most.

For 22 years, CCA has prioritized joy for those in our community who find themselves facing the unimaginable diagnosis of childhood cancer or other serious pediatric illness. Our innovative and always free-of-charge JoyRx programs deliver music, friendship, play, and resources for kids and teens both in and out of the hospital setting.

We are proud to say that over the last fiscal year, with your support, we’ve served a total of 9,448 kids and teens, an incredible 49% increase from last year.

Fiscal Year Statistics

At CCA, we understand the healing power of JOY found in a favorite song, a walk in a nature, or the embrace of a friend. Like you, we’ve either had cancer, or loved someone who did. We believe that joy grows exponentially when it’s used collectively, and invite you to share this video with your community today. Every share of this video could inspire a $25 donation to CCA.

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