Music Artist Amos Lee Hosts Kids Concert at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

On Monday, July 31, singer-songwriter Amos Lee joined JoyRx Music Specialists to surprise kids at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. He treated the kids to a short concert and sing-along. The event left kids singing, dancing, and keeping to the beat with egg shakers.

During his visit, Amos visited kids at their bedside for personal music interactions. Then, he transitioned to the Doernbecher playroom for a live concert, streamed via CCTV so children across the hospital could join in the fun.

Sharing Beautiful Music

When asked what brought him to Doernbecher, Amos said, “[I’ve] been working with JoyRx now for a little while and I just admire the passion and the promise. Y’all bring music to kids… who can’t or don’t have the ability to leave, and so we bring music to them, to their rooms, to their parents. It’s just so powerful and beautiful to share music.”

It was a sunny afternoon in Portland as Amos walked the hallways with JoyRx and it was clearly a good day for the kids and for Amos, too. In this way, JoyRx Music focuses on raising a child’s spirits, using the power of music medicine to spark Joy.

We are continuously striving to provide transformative healing through the power of music to kids around the nation, changing the treatment experience for more than 28,000 children with our program that uses Joy as a powerful immune system enhancer.

“For me, this is about service and love and the ability to connect with people on a really personal level through music,” he said.

Joyful Moments for the Kids

To Amos, it’s about giving back and unlocking a different side to being a performer. “For many musicians, it’s always about the stage and the crowd and the clapping,” he said, “but this is really just about the power of music truly and purely.”

To see the smiles and Joy all around, check out the photos below:

Paying Joy Forward

“Music is a gift,” Amos said. “So it’s good to give back.”

We’re so grateful for the collaboration with entertainers like Amos Lee and from our community like you! Your donations and volunteer time are instrumental in bringing Joy to seriously ill kids. You help make these moments of Joy possible!

To learn more on how you can get involved with JoyRx, click here and help bring emotional support to children who need more than medicine to heal.

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