MyMusicRx in Austin

MyMusicRx in Austin

2019 marks the 7th year in a row that MyMusicRx, Children’s Cancer Association’s (CCA) flagship program, has facilitated live music medicine performances in Austin, Texas.

With music at the heart and soul of this beautiful city, Austin’s St. David’s Children’s Hospital and Dell’s Children’s Hospital are the ideal locations for music medicine to become part of regular care for children and teens in the hospital. Over the last three years, MyMusicRx hosted a number of in-hospital concerts with celebrity guests like Haley Reinhart and kid-rapper SkyKatz.

With the help of the Austin Champions Board, MyMusicRx filmed and produced 150 artist performances during SXSW for streaming directly to kids’ hospital rooms. features personalized performances from many of their favorite musicians.

Bedside Music Medicine

In June 2018, MyMusicRx launched its bedside music program at St. David’s Children’s Hospital, making it the first hospital in Texas to do so. Volunteers were trained and introduced as a regular music resource for children and their families staying at St. David’s Children’s Hospital. Today, volunteers have dedicated over 300 hours and served nearly 600 youth.

“We love MyMusicRx here at St. David’s Children’s Hospital! We have five volunteers trained and playing music with patients, families, and staff and it is amazing! I can’t even tell you what an impact it has had and we’re just getting the program started!” – hospital staff

In-Hospital Concerts

MyMusicRx returns to SXSW this year to capture more performances for and touring artists will visit St. David’s Children’s Hospital and Dell Children’s Medical Center to deliver the healing power of music to children spending the festival week in the hospital. Artists include Red Yarn, Phony Ppl, Alex Di Leo and The Trouble Notes.

Previous hospital shows have featured Rhett Miller, Cody Simpson, Sky Katz, and Annalise Azadian, among others. This will also be the first year MyMusicRx hosts a visiting artist at St. David’s.

Live Concerts for Music Medicine

Shakey Graves

You can help support bedside music medicine by donating or purchasing a ticket to our first ever Live from the Heart event in Austin featuring an intimate performance from indie/folk artist Shakey Graves. A limited number of tickets sold. Purchase includes complimentary food and drinks.

Celebrate "Life is Beautiful" at Children's Cancer Association's 21st Wonderball gala—Saturday, October 23, 2021 at 5:00 pm PT