Interview with Suzie Moll – Dedicated to Delivering Joy into the Future

Legacy of Joy - Suzie Moll

Smiles, laughter, music, nature, kindness, and helping people, these are the things that bring Suzie Moll joy. A native Oregonian with a passion for giving back, Suzie has been involved with non-profits in her community since her 20s. She is an avid supporter of organizations bettering the lives of children and teens, so it’s no surprise that she took an interest in our JoyRx programs.

“I’m impressed by the way Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) delivers their programs to children and families right here in Portland,” Suzie shared. “I love the way they integrate music into their delivery of joy, they’re fiscally responsible, and have incredible leadership.”

Becoming a Chemo Pal

Suzie was first introduced to CCA in 2008 by her friend Kristen who serves on CCA’s Board of Directors. Kristen raved about CCA’s award-winning Chemo Pal® Mentor Program, which gives kids a caring, trusted, adult friend to look forward to during treatments, and someone in their corner when they need it most.

“Kristen told me I HAD to be a Chemo Pal, so I went through the training and was matched with an amazing child,” Suzie said. “I later got involved with CCA’s Ambassador Board and continue to volunteer and donate every year.”

Suzie’s Giving Spirit

In addition to her volunteerism, Suzie is an enthusiastic participant of Valentine’s Day for CCA, the Get Inspired Luncheon, and often hosts a table at CCA’s Wonderball.

Everyone who knows Suzie knows CCA is her charity of choice. When Suzie was approached by CCA to consider creating a Legacy of Joy she said, “I didn’t have to think too long before deciding, YES! Knowing that I can contribute to delivering joy to children who need it even after I am gone is an amazing feeling.”

You Can Help Too

The Children’s Cancer Association creates transformative moments of joy for seriously ill children and their families. Help us prescribe joy to the children of tomorrow by including CCA in your will today, just like Suzie.