March CCA Hero, Weston

March Hero Weston

Just try keeping up with Weston. This fun-loving little guy loves to hike, explore, and fly kites. He’s also particularly fond of cheesy bread, strawberry ice cream, and his baby brother, Reid.

Last year, Weston wasn’t feeling so great, so his parents took him to the doctor. The doctor sent them to the oncologist, who diagnosed Weston with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Chemo and steroids came next, which wasn’t much fun for an active guy like Weston. He needed a healing dose of joy in his life, which arrived in the form of his Chemo Pal, Sierra.

The two pals spend their time together playing Bingo, racing toy cars, and reading books (the Hardy Boys is a favorite). According to Sierra, Weston is the bravest five-year-old she’s ever seen. “He’s not scared of anything,” she marveled. “I’ve never seen him cry once.”

His parents share Sierra’s admiration and say their son has definitely earned hero status. “He’s had to go through more than we ever had, and he’s only five,” said his mom, Juliannne. “He’s handled every challenge flawlessly and always looks on the bright side of things.”

Weston’s positive attitude will certainly serve him well in the years to come. He says he’d like to be a police officer someday so that he can stop the bad guys. Whatever he ends up doing, the world will be a better place with Weston in it.

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