The Joy of Giving II

Hope for the Holidays 2018

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The holidays are a time for reflection, gratefulness, and family. While many families with kids facing serious illness focused on their child’s health, we at the Children’s Cancer Association (CCA) turned our attention to their happiness.

With the help of 53 sponsor groups and 1,353 volunteers, we provided 62 families with presents through our Hope for the Holidays program, presented by Fortis Construction. Here is just one of their stories.

Never In My Wildest Dreams Danielle’s Story

“I am not sure that I can find a way to express just how much we appreciate what you have done for us. When I was asked a few months ago if we would like support for the holidays I was thrilled. Not too long before, I had decided to take a leave of absence from work so that I could care for Danielle. The day I received the call (about Hope for the Holidays) I was doubting my decision. How was I going to pull off Christmas and pay my bills?

Being a single mom and having the only income is scary. We filled out the form for gift ideas and I was thinking we would get three to five gifts for each of us. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what we received.

The Right Gifts at the Right Time

Danielle and I were in Portland for chemo week when the gifts arrived at our house in Eugene. I knew they were coming, but wasn’t sure what day. I told the boys to be on the lookout.

The night they were delivered I got a very strange call from my sons. They weren’t sure how to explain to me how many packages had arrived. They argued with me about moving them to a different room in the house saying they wouldn’t fit. They sent me a picture and all I could do was just laugh. I was in complete shock!

Danielle and I came home the Friday before Christmas. I went straight to the room with the gifts and all I could do was cry in disbelief. I could not believe the number of gifts! My mind was blown that others would send us that many gifts. When I was putting out the gifts on Christmas Eve I cried again. I cannot even begin to tell you how blessed I felt in that moment (and still do feel).

Danielle had no idea about the gifts. The look on her face Christmas morning was priceless. I am not kidding when I say half of our living room was presents. She fell to the ground laughing. It took us hours to open all of the gifts.

(Danielle beaming in front of her presents Christmas morning)

I have no idea how you managed to pick just the right gifts for each of us. You even managed to get me a gift that I am not sure I told anyone I wanted. We made hot chocolate in the Keurig within an hour of opening it.

The gift cards are amazing. When Danielle is having a treatment week, I leave gift cards for the boys to get groceries and food. What was sent to us will last for a bit. The only thing missing is some snow so that we can wear our new snow gear.

Thank you so very much for blessing us. I cannot wait for Danielle to be healed so that we can start giving back.” -Shannon, Danielle’s mom

Thank You

At CCA, we also feel grateful. We’re grateful that so many give each year. Grateful that with the help of our sponsors and donors, we can continue to provide these special moments to families who need it most. Grateful for each and every one of YOU who has taken the time to share in our mission.

If you are interested in sponsoring a family next holiday season, please email

Too excited to wait a whole year to give back? Our Link Program engages a network of caring people and organizations to provide families with essential needs, assistance and support. Donate today and help connect a family to essential resources.